Tuesday 7

Ore Dock ~ Michael Waite & the Wishing Wheel 7-10pm
pretzels &  Beer DaH Pretzel Guys 6-10pm

Blackrocks ~ 8pm

Rare Earth Goods ~ open mic 7-10

Wednesday 8

Lagniappe ~ FB3 6-9pm

Blackrocks ~ Derrell Syria Project 7pm

Delft Bistro~ Kerry Yost & Harry South 7-9pm

PWPL Summer Concert Series ~ Girl on a Boat 7pm

Thursday 9

Lagniappe ~ Fast Eddie & Cousin Bill 6-9pm

Ore Dock ~ Pink Violin Band 8pm

Vangos ~ Jim & Ray 8pm

Landmark Inn ~ Derrell Syria 830pm

Marquette Cty Fair ~ Trailer Hitch 7-10pm

Smarty's Saloon ~ Chris Valenti 5-8pm

Friday 10

Flanigans ~ Day Dreamers 630-930pm

Ore Dock ~ Charlie Parr 7-10pm with local support Stan Berry

Marquette County Fair ~ Chasin Steel 7-10pm

Free the Music Fest ~  Friday Lineup
Sycamore Smith
Prusi Brothers
Conga Se Mene
Who dat Brass

Saturday 11

Commons ~ Farmers Market music 10am-1pm

Ore to Shore Finish Line Lakeview Arena ~  live music by Whistle Stop Review, Kerry Yost, Harry South  noon-8pm

Blackrocks ~ Ore to Shore Afterparty ~ Union Suits & Stan Berry 2pm

Border Grill ~ Saturday Night Music 6-9pm

Delft Bistro ~ 7 F Drift 8-11pm

Ore Dock ~ The Occasions 9pm

Marquette County Fair ~ Lumi 7-10pm

Free the Music Fest ~ Saturday lineup
Brian & the Friendly Ghost
Detroit Ted
Under this Cold Sky
Sara Shineck
Stina Jackson
The Daydreamers
Fast Eddie
Flat Broke Blues Band  7-9pm
Charlie Parr

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