Marquette Music Scene

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Monday 14

Blackrocks ~ 8pm

Flanigans  ~ open mic 9pm-midnight with Joe Patrick

Tuesday 15

Yooptone ~ Jeff Krebs / Adam Carpenter Free Concert 7-8pm

Blackrocks ~ 8pm

Rare Earth Goods ~ open mic 7-10pm

Wednesday 16

Lagniappe ~ Fiddle Pickers 6-9pm

Ore Dock ~ Hiawatha on TAAP 6pm All Strings Considered

Delft Bistro ~ 6-8pm

Iron Bay ~ 6-9pm

Blackrocks ~ 8pm

Thursday 17

Lagniappe ~ UP Gumbo 6-9pm

Blackrocks ~ 8pm

Landmark ~ Chris Valenti 830pm

Ore Dock ~ Blanco Suave release party 8pm

Friday 18

Flanigans ~ Caro River BarnBand  630-930pm

Blackrocks ~ LUMI video release 6pm

Ore Dock ~ Ray Little & The Big Hustle 9pm

Jacksons Pit ~ Kurt & Kim 6pm

Venice Pub & Pizzeria ~


Smarty's ~Sunny Side Up 4-7pm

Barrs Bar ~ 7 FT Drift 10pm-close

Saturday 19

Masonic Red Room ~ LUMI album release

Ore Dock ~ Uncle Floyd 9pm

Wooden Nickel ~ The Big Bay Theory ~ The Big Hustle and the Thirties  9pm

Barrs Bar ~ Flat Broke Blues Band 10pm-close

Chappers ~ Shotgun Kelli  8pm