Friday 17

Flanigans ~ Whodat Brass 630-930pm~

Ore Dock~ Trailer Hitch 9pm

Carp River Daloon ~ Mqt Mt ~ Jim & Ray 9-11pm

Dry Dock ~

Jackson's Pit ~ The Pit Crew

Rainbow Bar ~ Ion Daisy Acoustic 5-8pm

Silver Lake Resort ~ Log Jam

5pm ~ Rev Robert & Da Bones Man

7pm ~ The Palestras

9pm ~ Flat Broke Blues Band

Saturday 18

Ore Dock ~ Adam Sawfox 9pm

Log Jam~ Silver Lake Resort

12noon   ~ UP Gumbo

2pm ~ Fast Eddies Blues Trust

4pm ~ The Pit Crew

6pm ~ Sons of Legend

8pm ~ Heather Crosse Band

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